Danny Fuller, Ellis Erickson & Betet Merta // Desert Point // 3:26

posted by / Video / October 22, 2013

Does a wave like Desert Point get old? Danny Fuller, Ellis Erickson and Betet Merta say absolutely not. The trio scored Deserts at its finest and each man put his own unique twist on it. Danny, the lone goofyfooter, uses his forehand advantage to toy with the savage perfection. Ellis rides a board that appears to have been designed by an LSD-muddled mind from a bygone generation and he rides it in a similar vain — how about that double arm stall at :58? And Betet just wants to get really deeply barreled. All three men succeed at their respective duties and after three minutes and twenty-six seconds we agree. A wave like Desert Point does not get old.

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  • Steve

    Wow Ellis surfs good. He looks better than the old dude that sits ten meters further out than me on a mal at my home break.

  • Alby

    proving it’s not the surfer or the board that matters its the wave that stars. Dan catches his rail on just about every turn and still makes the sections? and the old bonzer goes? talk about an open door.

  • Juemadre

    Love those fast rail grabbers. Air drops and backdoors. Adrenalina!!