Dave Rastovich // Let Us Be Free // 4:27

posted by / Video / May 14, 2014

We don’t use the word genius often, but this clip is too sheer to resist. How do you get a bunch of people to pay attention to a wildly sensitive environmental issue? Narrate your story over A+ surf clips! In Let Us Be Free, we learn about the proposed oil fracking in Northern New South Wales. And we learn that — like most things oil — it would suck for everyone. Dave Rastovich and friends are protesting the project, and getting barreled while they do so. Really makes you wonder what kind of success Al Gore would have if he re-released An Inconvenient Truth with some new John John footage.

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  • oliver

    surfer,activist,ocean lover,top 5 watermen.
    good to see this footage after the rio disastro!

  • The world runsonhopesanddreams

    “Like most things oil it would really suck for everyone”….you really didn’t think that one through did you? Nothing like broad sweeping statements to show of your stupidity.

  • twosides

    Dave has some good points and the surfing was cool and it’s super important to protect our environment but it’s just so easy to jump on the anti wagon with this one and have no idea what your really talking about (everything oil is bad, such a stupid comment). Rasta is no idiot and has done his research on this but it’s pretty obvious he’s only looked at the negative info and a lot of that is seriously hyped up. I’m sure all the people on the anit wagon know that most CSG wells don’t need to be fracked and they know the difference between CSG and shale fracking, or maybe not!

    Yes fracking has some serious negatives. It is pretty invasive and it uses a lot of water and some serious chemicals that no one can pronounce and waste water from the flow back is an issue as well. There is also fear of introducing gas into the water table. So what is the industry doing about all these negatives? A few of the nasty chemicals have been banned and companies are researching ways to recycle the water that is flowed back. Also our well’s (Australia) are finished and tested to a very high standard to prevent any leaks. I’m not saying lets get in there and go for it by any means but please look at all sides of this before saying yes or no to gas exploration.

    What it comes down to is demand, we have a booming population and growing power demands. We all like to to be cool in summer and warm in winter and when the sun goes down the lights come on, need to go somewhere jump in the car. In australia that means burning coal or gas to run the power stations since we don’t do nuclear in Australia and wind and solar just can’t match the current demand. Now if you think drilling for gas is bad then go take a look at your nearest coal mine.

    So to the protesters, instead burning fuel to drive your old wagons to a protest then sitting in a field comparing dreadlocks and BO and not really being taken seriously. How about cleaning up your act and lobbying the government to help fund solar research and power stations. Lets get solar panel’s for homes subsidised and pass laws that state all new homes built must have solar panels on the roof and rain water tanks under the yard. There’s heaps of positive stuff that will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, it just needs to be brought to peoples attention and the technology made affordable and accessible. So how about making it happen instead of sitting about going boo hoo. As surfers we think we’re pretty green and environmentally conscious but we all burn fuel on the drive to the beach and ride boards made from petro chemicals while being kept warm in nice new wetties made from……….

    As for me, yeah I work in oil and gas and yeah I struggle to deal with some of the environmental impacts of my industry and I’m really over people telling me that I’m responsible for the rape of the earth and yes I surf. I do the little things right like turn off the lights when I leave the room, recycle what I can in the rubbish and piss in the yard to save a bit of water. But like most of the western world I’m far from perfect and my footprint on this earth is larger than it should be. The big difference between me and a lot of people out there is I know how much we as a society depend on oil and gas for almost everything we do and everything we have. So if you want to go about saying that everything oil is bad you need to be living in a hut farming organic veggies and hunting for the the odd bit of meat with a home made bow. If you can shape a board from wood with stone tools and ride a horse to the beach then you can surf …. in the nude with no sun cream. But until then your no better that the rest of us just more ignorant. Want to stop CSG and Fracking then get out there and find a viable alternative and PLEASE do it Quickly!!!