Dave Rastovich // North Shore, Oahu // 7:44

posted by / Video / May 16, 2012

A short film depicting Rasta’s approach to alternative equipment and alternative waves on the North Shore

Rasta sets the mood on his Uke and it’s beautiful — like his surfing and long-flowing hair

dave rastovich

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  • mikey

    That sucked! Color grading was disgusting and video was boring. Nice Billabong.

  • Benji

    That was great. Color grading was cool and the poem made the video. Nice Billabong.

  • Wyatt

    Thanks so much for this. I’m not even remotely sick of this aesthetic and in particular appreciate the soft-focus bits and poetic score.

  • ooops

    great video. rasta rips and has great style. great music too. on a side note adriano de souza is pure hell to watch surf. i hate the fact that nobody in the industry talks about what a kook adriano is. the commentators still try and sell us on him. “adriano goes big off the top, ahhh” joe turpell whatever your name is idiot. you sound like a moron.

  • Sean

    Rasta is my biggest influence from the surfing world by far

  • bird

    I liked

  • sam

    due is awesome! the only person who hasn’t had fun on a twin fin is a person how hasn’t ridden a twin fin!!

  • Mik

    @ooops: crawl back into your hole, ass. Adriano rips. Clearly.