Davey Cathels // Mainland Mexico // 3:23

posted by / Video / June 13, 2012

Video by Dillon Chang

As regular-footers, Mainland Mexico is our dreamland. Our Disneyland.

An annual pilgrimage is absolutely necessary. Cathels goes on exploration

Davey Cathels | Mexico

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  • evan thompson

    Wow. he can drop in on people and surf like a 12 year old.

  • the real evan thompson

    ^^ that guys a fake

  • Valee

    oh goody! not by chas smith even though the first two ( very ) spuesct intro-paragraphs could have been channeled though the worlds worst ( and there are lot’s of them these days ) surf journo’s laptop keypad. core score pegged at way up, even if the writing here is still lame at best

  • BirdMan

    what a TOOL!!! Surf like a AHole!