Death 2 Hipsters Trailer

posted by / Video / June 30, 2014

Remember when the year 2000 happened? People wore baggy boardshorts. Puffy shoes. Sunglasses like your weird Pittsburgh Pirates fan neighbor wears. It was all so raw and so honest. 15 years later, things just ain’t the same. Sometime during in the last decade-and-a-half, boardshorts got shorter, shoes got sleeker and sunnies took a dive towards the 1960s. Attitudes changed, and hair got real weird. Death 2 Hipsters is a cheeky documentary (so much better than saying mockumentary) exploring the eclectic hip movement. At the very best, it’ll inspire a generation to stop being so weird. At the very least, it’ll be better than that documentary about the small penis guy on Netflix. And, guaranteed, it’ll be entertaining.

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  • Table

    Wow this looks important.

  • llog

    wow douchebags making a movie shaming hipsters. ironic.

  • Yoda

    Hating hipsters is so hipster. I was hating hipsters years before you hipsters were hating hipsters…

  • slaterhater

    this is just a well filmed shit documentary.

  • Flynn Turdbag

    Garbage! Wow, what a waste of time and energy being a hater.

  • Lameindustryboner

    This so so Fu**ing brilliant! I love it, you can obviously tell it’s an absurd comedy, why would anyone ever take this serious?! This is what surfing needs! #lameindustry

  • Realhater33

    It’s a comedy, you obviously didn’t see the trailer and see the Stab interview of those guys bashing Flynn. Those guys are the real haters, this movie fucking rules!

  • Dave Dub

    Never mind my spray, hipster, you needed a shower anyways…

  • sean

    love it

  • Jim

    Your obviously a fartknocker.

  • Flynn Turdbag

    Obviously you are a psychic as you know what clips I watch and what Stab articles I read.

  • Gramps

    Burning a toxic surfboard in the ocean? WTF how is that not illegal

  • Peeeonhipsters

    I was hoping to see some hipsters swinging from a rope

  • Break u cunts off

    The party’s over…so is illegal attempted murder…mc bitches

  • jerk

    hipsta ^

  • jerk

    hipsterrrrr ^

  • hipster

    I think the creators of this film need to just fuck each other and get it over with already.

  • Ace Ramirez

    That’s what happens when you name a trick after yourself, especially when it already has an obvious name and has already been done by someone else. It’s the backflip by Timmy Curran. He should be able to laugh about it like Josh Kerr did with his ‘Kerrupt flip’, and not get so defensive.

  • MTKWaterman

    Coined this phrase a while ago. Don’t believe me? Google Death To Hipsters and you’ll see my buddy’s granny!