SURFING TV: December 6 // North Shore, Oahu // 2:49

posted by / Video / December 7, 2011

Hawaii:  Dec. 6, 2011

Video by Sean Lesh

Pipe turns on as the Billabong Pipeline Masters is ready to commence tomorrow in pumping surf.

Will wildcards like Jamie O’brien have their way with the world’s elite?

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3 Responses to “SURFING TV: December 6 // North Shore, Oahu // 2:49”

  1. buns open for a carrot top says:

    I was already there… yawn.
    next story.

  2. Blizz says:

    Best parts of the vid: Dane’s barrel and Gardens & Villa. Thank you Santa Barbara/Ventura corridor for producing things that get me stoked.

  3. James Webb says:

    1st place Jamie’O 2nd John Florence also triple crown champion,Bruce Irons =3rd Lates

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