Derek Peters // California // 4:03

posted by / Video / June 24, 2014

Anybody else notice that big empty space on the nose of Derek Peters’ surfboard? That supposed to minimalist art or something? Because there’s just no way this kid should be without a main sponsor. You see those turns he’s doing? And those airs? Or the tube at 1:55? Team managers, pay attention.

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  • Randy

    This dude is unreal…

  • Gabe Biancone

    dont get me wrong…. derek peters rips and is part of the future generation that is changing surfing. but anyone on the world tour deserves a main sponsor before kids like this.

  • Slim Shady


  • Johnny

    Somebody get this legend a sponsor. Ripping!

  • ric

    You are wrong Gabe, I would rather see this kid surf than Tiago any day of the week.

  • 20series

    thanks enjoyed this video!!! and so what if he doesn’t have a big sticker on his board promoting some company, just show up, rip, and have fun. Surfing feels good and thats what surfing should be about.

  • Opie

    He surfs for different reasons

  • ichorousmedia .

    ya there are some pretty boring burnouts kinda lagging on the tour…ace, kai, tiago, kling(in the past) that just aren’t exciting to watch at all, they are just consistent… also screw the tube at 1:55, how about that last one??!?! at least as good as kelly’s at ocean beach

  • Bman

    shockingly good surfing but am I losing it or is some of the footage sped up faster than normal, around 3:00???

  • Randy Underwood

    Great surfer….just leave it at that. Competition can take all the fun out of surfing …. I never cared for it even when in the nssa…

  • Brando

    3:08 love that underwater reverse, throwing buckets at da same time.

  • Willy

    RIPPING!! I’ve watched this absolutely destroy HB for years, but geez, this is next level!