Derek Peters // HB and Pipe // 5:43

posted by / Video / February 28, 2012

Peters on surfing Huntington, competing at Pipeline and what it would take to qualify for the World Tour

Back to work Derek! We want to see you do it.

derek peters

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  • John

    Very polished style; excellent mix of strong cutbacks but can still throw reverses with ease. Surprised his name isn’t thrown around more with Geiselman, Luke Davis, etc. Keep ripping D!

  • derek

    thanks for watching john, appreciate it!

  • Jeremy Knows

    is this kid for real?? Most 15 year olds shred over him… VERY WEAK.. And his reverses aren’t getting hardly any air… HB hype????? Definetly the next Teddy Navarro right here…

  • canon

    derek rips!

  • John

    – Jeremy Knows…obviously doesn’t know.

    Most 15 year olds throw the sloppiest reverses that look absolutely disgusting and have no power in their surfing; Derek’s cutbacks and reverses are very fluid compared to his peers. His backhand is one of the cleanest styles around for kids his age…Geiselman looks like he’s squatting over to take a shit when he’s going backside.

  • John

    And when you say his reverses are hardly getting any air, how do you expect someone to boost huge reverses in two foot HB slop…c’mon now mate

  • Jeremy Knows

    I can guarantee you this kid will not make the WCT and i can guarantee EG will. Get a job son.

  • David

    Haha. Jeremy is writing hater comments from his cubicle while Derek is shredding harder than Jeremy ever will. WCT or not, Derek’s living a dream, and he’s adding hard work to raw talent to do so.

    If anything, Jeremy’s a-hole comments will only light the fire under Derek. Shred on Derek.

  • Ross

    This kid rips! Video never gets old, big things to come im sure!