Dillon Perillo // Empty Stint // 2:01

posted by / Video / February 12, 2014

First the drone, then Coffin, then Kolohe, then not Kolohe, and now it’s finally Dillon Perillo’s turn on the Rincon edit bandwagon. For just coming off an injured knee and this being the first time he’s surfed in months, we are impressed. Actually, on account of his surfing alone, we are impressed. Might this wagon lead Mr. Perillo to tour?

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11 Responses to “Dillon Perillo // Empty Stint // 2:01”

  1. alex says:

    Just curious, why was the Kolohe video taken down? The one where everyone was ripping on him that was just posted.

  2. Scotty says:

    Wow kid is on another level. Also why has that kolohe video been taken down? Wanted to compare the 3 but noticed it’s gone?

  3. Jonas says:

    Yea where did the kolohe video go? Did you guys take it down??

  4. tumboverde says:

    killer style…welcome back!! DP!!

  5. Kaipo Gomes says:

    Looks like someone struck a nerve with either the Kolohe camp or Jimmicane felt sorry for him. Pathetic that the obvious facts about Kolohe’s surfing prior to the start of the World Tour that he was bred for is too much for his powers that be. Let’s be clear and say that the discussion was not “hating” but more calling it like we see it. Someone got an earful from either Kolohe or Dino on this and that is why the Video was removed. Pathetic. When you sign up for a career as a Pro Surfer and take the checks from Red Bull, Hurley, Target, etc. and are advertised as the next coming of Jesus you are open to constructive criticism. Take it and learn from it. Prediction for Kolohe at Snapper: 17th. By the way Jimmicane did Kolohe fire Mike Parsons?

  6. kike says:

    wtf is up no more clips with good music? killer surfing

  7. Jimmicane says:

    The word on Kolohe is that one or more of his sponsors we’re pissed for not having the proper logos and he stood to lose money over it. Dino asked us to take it down and so we took it down. Not before warning him that it would look lame on all of us, but he really really wanted it down. It’s just an internet video. At least you got to see him surf for once. That’s more than you can normally say with Kolohe because they rarely, if ever release footage on their own.

    My thoughts: don’t paddle out at Rincon with the wrong damn logos. You know there will be a couple dozen people shooting photos and video every time.

  8. bufu says:

    just posted a comment. Shit was erased. I guess it wasn’t Kolohe approved.

  9. anyone says:

    wow, so Dino is so powerful that he can deflect critique of his son?


    the excuse is lamer than the surfing.

    yes, only a video short, but not worth the watch. if camp K can’t manage their clips, they can’t ask anyone else to censor them.


  10. anyone says:

    maybe Kolohe is too managed?

    kid isn’t rad anymore, he’s too busy “working”

    dude needs to tell “mr safe” parsons and “mr mistake” dad to back off, go on surfari and discover surfing without industry.

    i say “mr safe” because parsons reinvented himself to the contrary, but he always avoided the lip even in rippable shit.

    no one wanted to surf like him, no one.

    as for Perillo, the kid has game.

  11. RH says:

    Um, back to the video. Dillon “RIPS”. Music was odd, or lack there of.

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