Dion Agius // Electric Blue Heaven // 6:51

posted by / Video / June 21, 2012


Ten Russian models. Lambos. Dion. United Arab Emirates. Joe G. Wave Pool. Sheik. These are the ingredients of Electric Blue Heaven.

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  • charlie ramirez

    this is the best video ive ever seen! after putting a clinic w perfect ramps ill come in and eat some sushi thats waiting for me on the beach! if i was dion i would of od on viagra n muscle relaxers! perfect 10, russian dolls, skate ramps, lambos, middle of desert, heaven on earth!

  • charlie ramirez

    i mean i wouldda had a boner surfing, wouldn’t you? stalling in the barrel w it! then coming right out!

  • IsoscelesTriangle

    damn that was amazing!
    so much weak sauce videos posts these days on all the surf websites it’s nice to see joe g. continuing setting the bar so high.
    too bad a ton of crappy videos will still go up on a near daily basis despite nuggets like these showing the subpar, PHD filmer’s / editors sprouting up like mushrooms in a steaming pile of ripe cow dung what they should be aiming for ….

  • snigglet

    OMF! I want one of those (pools) and all of the other (girls)….

  • A F

    Doesn’t anyone see the irony of the completely covered woman as opposed to the Russian bikini clad models?

  • Ymke

    this place is amazing. I lived there for almost 4 year but never knew about this. absolutely sick. I need to go back