Dion Agius // France // 4:47

posted by / Video / June 29, 2011

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  • sam

    yeah he rips, but his style is horrible…. maybe he should hang up his wetty for some capris and become a hipster fulltime like he wants to be.

  • mas

    What a stupid comment to make Sam. Hater. I’m sure you rip harder…..of course you do

  • Mr. Continental

    Sam’s right, horrible style. It’s not about who rips harder because there are children that surf better.

    Unfortunately, this guy gets coverage because he fills a niche market: the full-time beanie wearing, too-cool but still not cool enough, 90% loser 100% of the time crowd.

    In the end he will remain a marketing puppet for his brands and quickly forgotten once his job (selling product) is done.

  • Insane

    Not sure why people like Sam & Mr. Continental feel the need to post comments like the ones above. Seems a bit petty & high-schoolish. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Don’t whine behind a keyboard like some gossipy teenage girl. His style might not be appealing to some people (It’s not my cup of tea, either), but he does rip. Check out Secret Machine. And I’d like to see the vids of these “children” that are surfing better. People always say stuff like this, but they’re usually a bit delusional.

  • dc

    Dear Mr Continental

    HE DOESN’T CARE!!!!!

    Yours Faithfully

    P.S: He rips more 99,5% surfers in the world. And i thing that he’s got one of the best style’s because he got his OWN style. The children you mention got sick styles and do 4-foot slob air’s, full alley-oop rotations, mean hacks, stalefish airs and rodeo flips…..BUT BETTER, right??

  • Peter

    Awsome vid…especially the giant Mundaka part.

  • sam

    i’ve seen secret machine – LOVED IT. He surfed with better style in that movie and in general before he started to care if his wetsuit juxtaposed with the graphics on his board. I realize that the prominent direction that the activity of surfing ( i don’t believe it should be labeled as a “sport”) is going in is fashion driven. I’m fine with that. Although it is total bullshit. The reason I “hate” on Dion is because art is my life and his stuff, ( movies, photographs, artwork, articles, etc.) are un genuine and motivated out of desire to market himself and create his image as being creative and deep, which he might be, but timing wise, it appears he is just trending to the MAX! He’s not a professional artist and shouldn’t be treated like one because he is an otherworldly surfer. PERIOD

  • jay

    I remember when dion dressed and acted normal.

  • Shralper

    Compared to everyone else in the surf world Dion is a true original. People like Mr. Continental never learned in second grade that it is great to appreciate and celebrate diversity. They are scared to be different themselves and just attack whatever is different because it scares them and they feel threatened. All the guys hate Dion bc they are jealous and insecure. All the girls love Dion. Simple psychology.

  • dgb

    Guy couldn’t make a barrel at Mundaka, umm. Gotta agree with Sam and Mr C; fucking ugly style. In particular his backhand. Just paln ugly. As for all you ‘couldn’t see the forest for all the trees’ types, you gotta get over the carefully marketed cum shot addiction you all seem to suffer.

  • Shralper

    Personally, Dion’s style is rad. You guys just have no taste. It’s raw, it’s unrefined, it’s spontaneous. What you see is what you get. He surfs just like the way I imagine a hipster who likes too boost would. He’s not trying to surf like someone he’s not. 99% of the surfers on the world tour are all clones. They have no style, no character, no personality. You can predict exactly what they are going to do next. They all look like robots. Dion is a breath of fresh air. You can watch Dion surf and it looks exactly like him. That’s not marketing.

  • toodles mcgavin

    The guy’s style is unique, and I like it. There’s really no one out there who surfs like him.

    Very entertaining to watch.

    Mostly an air guy, but stands out because bag of tricks is way more extensive than air reverses.

    He surfs a variety of waves.

    Repeatedly has shown himself to be, surprisingly enough, one of the most stylish tuberiders out there. (see Modern Collective)

  • croatan

    Does his wetsuit say Globe? I couldn’t quite tell…


    HAHA About those who says “his style is horrible” sounds like those stand in front of a piece of art in a gallery with a glass of wine and a BIG scarf around your necks XD… I dare to say that none of you knows what “to have style is” learn to fly first and then you can judge… Yeah rip hard, but would you rip the same in a wave of that size? think about it.