Doheny + Reynolds // Lowers // 2:15

posted by / Video / July 7, 2011

Shamelessly pilfered from the fine Australians at

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  • Z

    I know knee surgeries are tough… But has Dane lost that edge? sick turns but not mind blowing. I actually thought Doheny was easier on the eye in this clip. On a positive note, love summerish clip like this!

  • dippy

    dane at lowers, hawaii clip, and oz barrels… yall been stepin that blog game up!

  • mic

    cool song

  • g

    What do the Ozarks and Hawaii have in common? Guys like Jamie O’Brien

  • A Real Ripper

    If you live in SoCal and surf Trestles and aren’t sponsored — Don’t. You suck. You’re not cool. You don’t rip and you don’t belong. You’re a Kook. Just like everyone else. Just Quit.


  • jimmmmyy

    Hey Z…..check on Lost Interest on Dane’s blog…

  • A pretend ripper

    @ the real ripper. If your serious and not just sarcasticly funny, you are a moron. i am a “sponsored” surfer. in fact, not to be cocky but you probably know who I am. I would rather surf with people who actually rip and/or charge and show respect then someone whos idea of ripping is trying to decide how their stickers look best on their board. you probably surf lowers all summer because your too scared to get tubed.

    your welcome