Dusty Payne // Lost Atlas B-Side // 2:08

posted by / Video / December 19, 2011

dusty payne

Dusty Payne’s controversial commentary on girl’s surfing may have provided some comic relief in Lost Atlas, but it was his surfing that kept us psyched all year. In honor of his banger section and an all around well-done 2011, we give you a B-Side of Dusty from Lost Atlas, neatly packaged and wrapped up with a bow. Happy Christmas to all.
**And if you still need to get a pal something for Christmas, Hurley is selling a limited-edition Lost Atlas package on their website. A tee and DVD for $30.

Check it out on Hurley

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  • jay

    what did dusty say about girls surfing?

  • twon

    he said they suck and can only do tail slides or something like that

  • dweeeb

    what’s controversial about that?

  • dian

    it’s demeaning towards women and especially all the women that surf and surf very well… just because they’ve got longer legs and bigger breats than Dusty’s got, doesn’t mean they’re just for decoration on the surf scene.
    P.S. I’m not a girl, I just find Dusty’s comment a bit old, as in 1950s attitude…

  • Paydro

    lol take it easy…I think his words were pulled out of context. I’m sure what he meant was, iif the girls were as good as the guys they’d be competing against them. The guys just make them look like amateurs. Nothing wrong with that…

  • Haley

    Hello all,

    Thank you for the support, Dian, thanks for the empathy for Dusty, Paydro. I ask that you all try to empathize with me briefly. I am Haley, a (female) surfer who doesn’t fit into Dusty’s scheme of an exclusively ‘one-foot, sunny weather’ surfer. As I remember, unfortunately Dusty’s stance recontextualized in an interview by STAB reveals that Dusty meant what he said, and thinks that women are ‘bad’ surfers (since taken down, http://stabmag.com/elliot/the-status-quo-with-dusty-payne).

    Though I think we can all appreciate Dusty for his inspirational surfing, I remain unappreciative of Dusty as a public figure because I recognize the negative ripple of his quote in Lost Atlas. I preordered Lost Atlas for myself and as a gift for my little (female) cousin, a burgeoning surfer. We opened the DVD and listened to Dusty’s words together. She asked if it was a joke—I said it wasn’t one I knew. She asked if women were supposed to be surfing—I said yes, of course, “ah… he’s just a hater.” She asked if there were other haters—I said I hope not. She said cool—but I could tell her feelings were hurt and her subsequent mentality affected.

    Personally, I detest the affect that Dusty had on my little cousin and I abhor my own characterization as a lesser surfer based on my gender or my skills–inarguably relevant to bodily differences.

    I hope Dusty and all those in the lineups and forums around me will be unequivocally inspirational, polite, and supportive of women and everyone else that enjoys the water. I consider the measure of a good surfer to reflect their capability to enjoy waves–nothing more. So, I think Dusty should be seen and not heard, and STAB mag, don’t get me started on this bullshit “GIRLS” tab.

    RESPECT the whole lineup,


  • Mila

    Hey Dusty, leave me a message !

  • juice212

    He is just being brutally honest. I am sorry if there is people taking that offensive but the truth is real. Honestly there is enough kooks in the lineups we don’t need another chick doing a half ass cutback.

  • Johnny

    If you look at the absolute best female surfer (Carissa Moore / Stephanie Gilmore), they’re really boring to watch. Girls, don’t take offense, I think women’s surfing is cool, just don’t expect anyone besides girls to watch you in competition, or any videos of women’s surfing. Some of the guys’ surfing is even boring, only the top 10 surfers in the world are really interesting to watch, and that’s because their videos are insane!!