Dusty Payne // Mexico // 2:03

posted by / Video / April 14, 2014

Dusty Payne went to Mexico. He brought a filmer and a Ski, and after two days, came home with two minutes of A+ clips. Big finners, powerful wraps…this will remind you why Dusty is one of the best surfers in the world. On tour, or not.

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  • chrisc

    that was sick

  • Jersey Orilla

    Dare I say it, without upsetting the whole world, f it I will, Dusty has a lot of A.I. in his surfing. Even the mid barrel fist pump claim, that was Andy, his recklessness, Andy, his out of control one second, pulling it the next power, Andy, crushing the lip and then falling with it, Andy. F the tour, Dusty needs a signature flick, like…..now Volcom. Hurry up.

  • Tim E

    D-Payne rips contests or not!