Dylan Goodale + Baralam Stack // Island to City // 2:08

posted by / Video / June 4, 2013

Goodale and Stack join forces to launch IslandToCity.com

Documenting “girls, surfing, parties, girls, and everything in between.” –Dylan

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9 Responses to “Dylan Goodale + Baralam Stack // Island to City // 2:08”

  1. hsdakhf says:

    Damn, Balaram can open a beer with another beer. That’s so sick.

  2. Kasey says:

    You guys must think you’re so cool!

  3. aaron says:

    song was bad

  4. herpe alert says:

    you guys are cute, but i dont do herpes. sorry

  5. Negative Nancy says:

    Are these guys still trying to milk the whole sponsorship thing. C grade (at best) pros trying to hold onto the dream a little too long. Time to look for real jobs boys.

  6. yeahguy says:

    go vert

  7. Jim says:

    ballaram is a gay fuckin puppy, hawaii hates u

  8. Kama says:

    I agree ballaram wet puppy, stay in cali scrub

  9. Burgerinparadise says:

    Yah bois sick vid killing it!!!! Fuck the haters!!

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