Eithan Osborne // California & Hawaii // 2:44

posted by / Video / March 17, 2014

Is it bad when a 13-year-old surfs more powerfully than you? If so, Eithan Osborne is a real thorn in the roses of many people. Eithan probably weighs in at an overwhelming 100 pounds, but he pushes that weight around like Rick Ross. Seriously, just watch his new edit from California and Hawaii — this kid is moose.

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  • Bobby

    A reality check most top surfers were surfing Mavericks and Waimea at 13… This is like watching a kid ride a bicycle with training wheels.. Come on this is not even a real good home-video and you’re sending it to a surfing magazine…. Amateur hour…

  • Mike h

    I’m sorry but what “top pro’s” are u referring to surfing mavericks and waimea? Your’re as dumb and off base as your post, if u come across any video of any of the top 24 at mavericks please share. Otherwise, keep your bicep leash tight and your mouth shut. I am sure your drop knee could use some work.

  • CCC

    The kid rips. Bobby is a kook

  • ambassador

    Hey bob, maybe you should go find a nice pole to sit on

  • G

    If Bobby would have said Mavericks or Waimea instead of “and” I could have maybe read that without having bile come up into my mouth. I said maybe…

    You’re a success Bobby; you gave someone an adverse psycho – physiological reaction.

  • Cayden

    You’re dumb can’t wait until he’s on the asp world tour and ripping

  • Don

    Hey Bobby, why don’t you go back to watching some sweet non-existant videos of 13 year olds at mavericks on your sponger websites if you don’t like how the new up and coming pros surf. I surf with kid on a regular basis and I know for a fact he’s better than you. Go home bobby, your a kook.