Electric Wilderness // Full Feature // 22:52

posted by / Video / July 21, 2012

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Electric Wilderness is a Young Wise Tails Production. Shot on location on a trip to Northern Sumatra with Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Jack Freestone, Clay Marzo, Andrew Doheny, and Dillon Perillo. Music by Travis Tyge and Ben Pecorari as well as Valient Thorr. Made to get you psyched to surf and laugh. Don’t light anything on fire. Filmed and edited by Ryan Perry.

View photo outtakes from the trip by Tom Carey

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15 Responses to “Electric Wilderness // Full Feature // 22:52”

  1. Adam Klevin says:

    Yeah well it would be nice if I got mentioned since I shot all the water, boat and a ton of land footage. Thanks a lot team.

  2. bufu says:

    I expected more from the video. Some nice surfing from Freestone, Perillo and Connor but was let down by Doheny. Yeah he surfs good but far from the caliber of the former three mentioned.

  3. jigga mane says:

    fuck what sad counts can’t even mention adam klevin its harder to shot the footage than to edit it in some nice air con office shout out to adam nice water footage bro and sick boat and land

  4. jigga mane says:

    wheres the love ryan perry u can’t even mention adam klevin its harder to shot the footage than to edit it in some nice air con office shout out to adam nice water footage bro and sick boat and land

  5. ChajerBoi says:

    dillon has a really, really good baby cry

  6. Dave says:

    a bunch of spoiled little midgets, some good surfing from conner and freestone though. the end baby cry with dilllon made me wanna punch him. pretty lame for not mentioning Klevin. would love to see these boys put in a hard days of work, fok off ya kents

  7. Adam Klevin says:

    Ho ho ho, easy Jigga and Dave. At least they lived it, loved it, and worked hard to get it out to entertain us all. Don’t be so harsh on RP, he was all time. I should have never commented on this thread.

  8. Adam Klevin says:

    just an oversight, that’s all. Thanks for watching.

  9. rogermeras says:

    the one move per wave thing kinda makes my head hurt

  10. iuriborba says:

    That wave is the longest close out in Indonesia, I would not expect much more than a turn per wave. But surprises me to see some 2 section Barrels, probably the only way to make it through.

  11. iuriborba says:

    Really nice video Indeed. Congrats to all the boys involved.

  12. Bro says:

    That was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It somehow managed to make good surfing boring. I don’t know what just happened.

  13. Sean Lesh says:

    Ya boys, ripping! Thought it was put together really well, conner, freestone, & parker doing their thing! Dillion ripping too, gotta agree with #6 tho, not sure about the baby cry, haha. how can anybody complain on here, its a free video! i only wish i got to shoot the water clips

  14. Smizz says:

    I enjoyed the film and enjoyed all the surfing, glad to see not so much footage of marzo. Idk why people ripping on doheny, im glad to see some different lines rather than the same old pump down the line and try some crazy air. Rail to rail is coming back i tell you

  15. Paulo says:

    Must say that all the surfers are a bunch of layback-cool-rippers-madafakers. They may trash our stereo system by listen to trash music from morning till dinner. But sure as hell we had a great time. Congratz also to Adam, Perry and Jack. And Tom its a hopeless trash music maniac that made all that came true.

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