Eli Steele // Queensland, Australia // 2:30

posted by / Video / July 11, 2012

Video: Dylan Roberts
Surfer: Eli Steele
When: June 12th – 16th 2012

Five hazy days during an Australian winter

How ’bout them aerials?

Eli Steele

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6 Responses to “Eli Steele // Queensland, Australia // 2:30”

  1. alanis says:

    such a great surfer

  2. Marc Everds says:

    psshh shits weak.. 1 ft air revs into the flat, oh my how innovative. Just out of curiosity how do you pick these videos? Let me guess you only put up videos from filmers or surfer you know/heard of? lameeeeeee

  3. Marc Everds says:

    o ya is this the same website as surfline? or do you guys just have a deal where you put up exactly the same content??

  4. Whatever marc says:

    Whatever Marc Everds, the KID is doing some fricken world class boosts on far from ideal waves
    bitter that you still just can’t seem to do a chop hop yet ay

  5. marc says:

    haha chop hops are for girls you nameless fool… its all about sex change floaters.. woot woo

  6. single fin says:

    how come i never heard of this guy? he ripped the bag out of it! unique/cool style also

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