Eric Geiselman // Florida // 3:36

posted by / Video / March 14, 2014

It’s been said before and it’ll be said again: Eric Geiselman is a WCT-level talent. There’s a difference between being able to do one big maneuver on a chest high bowl and being able to fluidly link together big maneuvers on a chest high bowl. That difference is clear in the latest clip from EG. Eric tries a few new Orion Surboards shaped by his father, Greg Geiselman — talented family if we don’t say so ourselves. The Kraft Single was featured in SURFING Magazine and boy does it look fun — especially under the hooves of a guy like Eric.

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  • Bobby

    Subpar to average surfing at best and totally crap surf… They’re jumping around like farts in a skillet.. It’s not even as good as someone’s crappy home movies come on surfline you can do better….

  • Lezzy McGayer

    Bobby is a dumb white bitch.

  • really doe

    I tried the farts in a skillet once and it wasn’t really that good

  • Jake

    This is not WCT worthy surfing. The board has to look light underneath the feet, which it doesn’t. Eric needs more variety and fluidity in his surf. Taking into account the less than exceptional surf conditions, this surfing wasn’t terrible, but it definitely wasn’t high level surfing.

  • Sean

    Bobby, get some new jokes you hater…you post the same stupid comment on every geiselman video. These guys rip harder than you ever will

  • Bobby

    Why do these guys send in these crappy videos.. The surf is complete Junk the surfing average at best it’s a waste of everyone’s time… This is amateur hour.. And you Sean you can go over their house and watch these crappy videos and dream.. This is just the truth….

  • alby

    I reckon the surfing was pretty solid considering how shitty the waves are. Why do you think nsb has such a good wave? That was a good day and it looks like she it.