Eric Geiselman // Florida // 3:36

posted by / Video / May 28, 2013

He surfs, edits, then lays down the track

All while capturing the essence of all things Florida

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5 Responses to “Eric Geiselman // Florida // 3:36”

  1. aphh says:

    i think he needs to retire that neon green and red wetsuit pronto

  2. Kirk says:

    the song makes me want to watch frankenplasm

  3. americanpride says:

    first off this kid keeps getting worse and worse . second why the fuck do you need a jet ski for head high waves and how the fuck do you loose the ski on a head high day

  4. masniffur says:

    where can i get the mp3?

  5. bufu says:

    I agree with commentator #3. Although his style is still there EG has gotten worse. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t push your surfing anywhere. Dude should be rushing pipe, backdoor and chopes. Instead the clips are the same Cali/Florida B.S. I hope he gets his shit together before he becomes irrelevant.

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