Eric Geiselman // Home & Away // 4:36

posted by / Video / August 1, 2011

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  • ?

    better surfer than most guys on tour.. JW included

  • Anon

    Agreed. Underrated.

  • dip


  • jon

    the best from NSB, best from Fla, best from the east coast

  • Bullshark

    ‘Bout 1000x better than the one those jokers at tws did.

  • Bufu

    Great clip! Eg has a lot Of skills but he’s not proving himself in comps. Still unbelievable skills. He may be better than 10 percent of the guys on tour….jw not included. Many tour guys are way underrated. Those guys surf great in all conditions.

  • Al

    Yea EG is def super talented and has tons of big moves. But to say he’s better than Julian Wilson just means you haven’t watched all the clips on his blog.

  • surfbro

    f*&@king sick!

  • p ruddy

    Sick!! Why no innersection? Got my vote!