Eric Geiselman // New Smyrna Beach // 3:05

posted by / Video / September 24, 2013

There’s no place quite like home. For Eric Geiselman, home is the peaky stretch of sand near New Smyrna Beach, Florida’s inlet. In NSB, can drive on the beach, you can get bit by a shark and you surf waves that are both punchy and feathery in all the right places. Throughout this clip, EG shows off his CT-level talent — that sequence of backhand turns at 1:33 is world class. Eric finds a good mix of airs, carves and even a rare barrel, and by the end of the clip you really begin to crave a cold glass of orange juice.

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  • the rest of the world

    fuck florida

  • JuanGrande

    The flip @ 1:55 was SIIIIIICK!!!

  • Anny Icraf

    Beautiful <3