Eric Geiselman // “Threes and Fours no Doors” // 3:06

posted by / Video / April 3, 2013

Why Eric hasn’t cracked the tour is beyond me

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time, right E?


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5 Responses to “Eric Geiselman // “Threes and Fours no Doors” // 3:06”

  1. Yonks says:

    Yeah G! RAW Shit here man.. Breath of fresh air for ALL the hommies!!

  2. patrick ruddy says:

    YEAH LARK!!!

  3. bufu says:

    Great free-surfer because Eric’s got a sic style. But as a contest surfer he is a dime a dozen. Stick to making clips…. they’re rad

  4. Johnson says:

    i would rather watch him than any boring julian wilson clip.

  5. Adam says:

    This clip should start at the 2 min mark where you see some tits and the waves actually start to be head high. The entire first 2 minutes of groveling in waist high waves doesn’t need to be in there. I mean, the clip starts with a waist high wave that he does 2 mini floaters on….why?

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