Ethan Carlston // Cabo + San Clemente // 3:22

posted by / Video / August 7, 2012

A week in Cabo usually means sunburns, a couple Pacificos and some new dance moves. Oh, and surfing.

Ethan definitely surfed. Gliding above lips like a Pelican. Can you say wingspan?

Ethan Carlston

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  • eaglet

    Nice. 1-2 carves, 3-4 hacks, and 3,456-plus air reverses. This is where surfing is going? LAME

  • Matt Bender

    Ethan put together nearly a full package in this video. You try an air reverse with a stale fish grab. I think you’ll change your mind. His backside off the tops a reminiscent of Rob Machado, and his frontside turns are on point. It can’t be lame to have fun and surf your own way. If Hurley and other companies like that way, maybe there’s something to it. I hardly do airs, but I respect people’s freedom of choice.

  • eaglet

    well, you’re right — he’s certainly free to surf the way he likes and if he enjoys it, more power to him. that’s the universal spirit of surfing i’d say. my beef is perhaps more with surf media as it is now, with all the emphasis on the airs and technical tricks and how it is influencing surf culture. am glad to say, though, that when i’m actually in the water its refreshing to see surfing is still about carves and rails, the way it’s always been.

  • Farandula

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