Evan Geiselman // Costa Rica // 2:55

posted by / Video / July 29, 2011

I’ve known Evan Geiselman was going to be a superstar for a long time now. Since he was 10 I’ve been claiming him as the the heir to the East Coast throne. If you spent your days down at the NSSA East Coast Championships at Sebastian Inlet in the early to mid 2000s, you knew. “You’re our only hope Evan, just so you know. No pressure.” The Golden Child, I called him. Still, as long as we’ve been friends, I never had the privilege to do a trip with him until two weeks ago when we went down to Costa Rica to finish his profile for SURFING Magazine.

I’m proud to tell you the kid has kept up with my lofty expectations. The rivalry that’s developing between him and Kolohe is one that’s going to keep American surfing on the radar for the next decade and beyond. The Slater vs Machado comparisons are real. Only neither of these kids are going to drift off into oblivion in their prime. They’ll be battling it out forever.

Here’s some of the better clips from Costa, stitched together by Michael Lopez. —Jimmicane


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  • mr. spin


  • Key

    killing it

  • Andre

    Rippin’! Who plays that song?!

  • Jeff

    It’s a very nice video.
    I think that one of the best places for practice surf is Dominical and Pavones

  • sd, cali

    bad style

  • Bufu

    Bad style! Man some people always have to find something to hate about. Fact is kid rips super hard. He’s one of the best juniors in the world and his form is developing. And you criticize his . That’s lame. Unless your surfing at a higher level button your lip bru.

  • Sean Parker

    God.. If I see/hear another dumbass ask for the accompanying track to a clip, I’m gonnna lose my mind…

  • tity

    hey anybody know the accompanying track to that awsome clip?

  • Lol

    Title: Tales that I tell
    Artist: He’s my brother shes my sister

  • guy

    stop hating wilson, why imply machado has drifted into oblivion?

  • Todd Eisenbrey

    Likes it

  • john

    what kind of al merrick is that?

  • Jimmicane

    He was riding a semi-pro most of the time.

  • g-shizzal

    What u on ! his style is sik ! AMAZING

  • Santa Teresa Costa Rica

    Amazing!. If you guys come to Costa Rica, you have to surf Santa Teresa, best waves ever!

  • lee p

    Bad style? What are you high or something? The kid is sick and absolutely kills it in that video. If anybody thinks otherwise, their just jealous!

  • lee p

    Bad style? What are you high or something? The kid is sick and absolutely kills it in that video. If anybody thinks otherwise, they’re just jealous!

  • tom

    where in costa rica is that?

  • Billy J

    Douche Jeff that posted is a bipolar weirdo that no one wants to see in Domi any more.

  • Casa Pampa, Santa Teresa

    Great 360’s.Great video.Next time come to surf Santa Teresa, you wont regret!

  • ben

    This kid could rip in your bathtub…. with style!!!

    Papa G taught him well!!!