Evan Geiselman Lands Massive Big Spin

posted by / Video / August 10, 2014

The module certainly has changed. Years ago, this clip of Evan Geiselman sticking a monstrous big spin would have been rushed to an ice chest where it would sit — never seeing the light of day — until the next big movie. Last year, it would have been casually placed in a smaller ice chest (like one of those nylon ones) and met daylight only when it was time for the next big online edit. But today, it goes straight to Instagram. And straight to the Popular Page — because just look at this thing. We’re double thumbing it for sure.

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  • Tommy’s friend

    one time I saw a guy rippin backside right and I said “o look that’s Tommy!” But it was another dude,surfin backside switch. Everybody laughed. Then I saw another dude rippin backside right and again; “o look the Tommy”, but it was a chick. we laughed so hard

  • Your Mom

    One time I had your Mom frontside then I went switch right up in her backside then I laughed and said I won’t leave you with anymore stupid kids so pulled out on the reverse! Sooooo pitted!

  • Vladamir Putin

    One time, I terrified America.

  • Vladamir Putin

    Also great air.

  • Davey Cutbacks

    Cool. Now show me a good rail turn.

  • bobby

    Who post this crap….who wants to see some kid playing in the water….where r the waves..

  • Ben

    Chippa is still the king at big spins good to someone else doing them though

  • Mommy’s friend

    you don’t have to pull out the backside for that…