Evan Geiselman // Mentawais, Indonesia // 3:11

posted by / Video / March 20, 2012

Video by Michael Lopez

Everything Evan does looks good — from his tail whips to his hair whips

One of the best web-vids of the year. Three minutes of highlight-worthy clips.

Evan Geiselman

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  • the dude

    GOD! Kid is so sick!


    overrated pretty boy. weak as they come

  • J-Bone

    whats the name of song and band?

  • tyler

    still much to flicky

  • the grouch

    Quite a claim with web clip of the year for your right coast boy, Jimmiecane. This was far from it and further shows why you are almost irrelevant

  • Marco

    Me too I should know whats the name of song and band. Anybody know?????

  • Yung Cuzzo

    song name?

    damn good edit

  • oriana

    song and band: bad things – cults 😀 great video