Evan Geiselman // Southern California // 3:18

posted by / Video / February 21, 2012

Video by Michael Lopez

It’s bookmark time for another pro surfer video blog. Evangeiselman.org dropped today with a new clip of his recent surfs in California before heading to Oz where he just finished runner up to Matt Banting in the Australia Open of Surfing 6 Star.

Evan is the closest thing the mainland US has to rivaling Kolohe Andino. Hopefully that healthy rivalry can push both of them to World Championship battles in the future, but for now we can just just sit back and wait for web clips like this to drop while Evan climbs onto the ASP WT platform.

evan geiselman

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  • alb

    gain 20 pounds and keep doing airs. you’d be gnalyer

  • chief

    Sick clip, love the blog. But get a proofreader for your ABOUT section. Keep up the good work!