Evan Geiselman Stars In Luke Bryan’s Video

posted by / Video / June 21, 2014

Evan Geiselman could just be the next pop culture icon. And his path to stardom starts right here, right now. Country music mogul Luke Bryan recently wrote a song about falling in love on Spring Break and called it Roller Coaster. Cute song, too. Problem is that Luke Bryan is 37-years-old, and the idea of 37-year-olds falling in love during Spring Break is just fucking weird (Think: confused middle-aged woman who still loves Sex and The City meets Cleveland Browns fan with bad tattoos). So what did Luke do? He commissioned Evan Geiselman to be the protagonist lovebird! And what a great call. Roller Coaster, which you see above, is amazing. Couple notes though:

1) Evan, come on man, you can’t be spilling your drink that easily. Spilling like that is just sloppy; it’s poor form.

2) Good call with the brunette. Lot of blondes in there, but you made the right choice. There’s a little bit more mystery with her, a little extra twinkle in her eye. Nice.

3) If there’s one thing that we can all take away from this video, it’s to spill drinks on people as often as you can. Like, if you’re going out tonight, be a human firehose of vodka tonics. Just buy ten drinks at a time and start dousing people with them until somebody agrees to have sex with you. Thank us (and Luke Bryan, and Evan Geiselman) in the morning.

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  • DJ Noodle Head

    This is just beautiful

  • sean


  • dabone

    My gawd, did you see the butt on that….He must workout

  • Smorgan6

    Wow Evan you jumped off that pier into some really shallow water. Next time take her a little farther down brother. You guys must have been smokin a lil’ tree under that old beach roller coaster before you jumped.

  • marco

    cant watch it damn

  • Ivan

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha nooooooooooooooo

  • Samuel Ruffin

    hahahahahahahahaha…..shoulda used Eric

  • TommyMcPorker

    the blondes were way hotter. poor choice geislelsmen

  • sensible person

    Evan you are such a faggot. oh just another way to make some quick money, go get a job and stop fucking around with your country music shit ideas


    Chicken Joe

  • nookulear

    yeah chicken joe is right! fuck you puss boy!

  • ers

    gay boy evan at it again! this is so fucking gay, get a dam clue hillbilly

  • cuckolder

    my guess is that Evan did the hoopty doop with some of the guys gfs in here. why so bitter?

  • catalina wine mixer

    while your articulation is flawless, i have to disagree with you. god put jawlines like evan’s on this earth to be blasted on the internets.

  • Samuel Ruffin

    stoked for him,you go boy……it’s cool to see the mesh between country and surfing,its changed a lot in the south…..when I was growing up in north FLA ,the rednecks didn’t care for the surfers to much. Slowly more Reds started surfing and more surfers started hunting….fishing brought us together,haha. Not so much a problem in the Islands but in the Dirty South,things were different…Skaters and surfers and rednecks , jocks,blacks , hispanic,etc….all pretty much clique up in high school. Heck,even surfers from one side of town didn’t like the other….

  • Ril

    makes sense…couldnt make it as a pro surfer with your shitty turns so you ended up with this shit. Maybe if you trained and gained a few so you could do proper turns, people would respect you more.

  • Paula Wood-Dowell

    Sounds like there are a ton of jealous people on here. I think it is pretty cool. How many of you have made this accomplishment?

  • Rob

    lot of fat kids here…

  • duh

    jesus. now that was just a bad decision.

  • Shawn sagunsky

    who is the girl who plays his love interest in the video?