Evan Thompson // Nicaragua // 2:05

posted by / Video / September 27, 2012

Video: Thomas Brothers Productions

Sometimes greener pastures are blue, warm and in Nicaragua

And sometimes you just might pet a small pony

Evan Thompson

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8 Responses to “Evan Thompson // Nicaragua // 2:05”

  1. shorepound says:


  2. carrierifox says:


  3. Sliding Sense says:

    Nothing more than white man imperialism. White man goes to said country, takes natural resources for his own benefit, laments fact that said country is in dire straits, fails to understand or learn culture/language, but is successful in promoting himself to like minded 14 year old privileged white teen boys.

    Repeat cycle. Barf.

  4. evan says:

    Hey Sliding Sense,

    On that trip i stayed in a hostel, owned by locals. Paid money, to local taxi drivers. Walked 40 minutes down dirt roads waving and talking to the local Nicaraguan on my way to surf everyday. The shot where im riding in the truck, was to actually get to the beach. Get some evidence before you talk next time.

  5. Sliding Sense says:

    Not good enough. Not good enough. So not good enough. Far from good enough. Ridiculously not good enough.

  6. Nick says:

    Your face is not good enough

  7. the bodhi zaffa says:

    ..beware the plight of the burned out east coast pro..u are one of the better ones, just dont end up with a couple kids, divorced and dating a 20 year old surf rat..ala our favorite jville ripper..also just say no to the sunrise holier than thou vibe..for the love of all of us.

  8. David Cardin says:

    I saw some of those while at Las Penitas-Leon in front of the Playa Roca Beach Hotel, just 13 miles west of Leon on the Pacific coast of n. Nicaragua. playaroca.com

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