Everyone // Lowers Harvest // 3:20

posted by / Video / August 9, 2013

It takes about three or four songs to drive from the SURFING Magazine office to the parking lot at Trestles. And SURFING’s videographer, Sean Benik, has an iPod crammed with gigs. We’re not kidding — he might still have some Smashmouth on there. Sean was very good at not being in the office these past few months. He spent a good chunk of time on the beach at Lowers, through both somber fog and burning rays of sunshine. And his hours in the field paid off. Here’s an exclusive clip of Sean’s Lowers harvest. Thankfully, it’s not edited to Smashmouth.

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7 Responses to “Everyone // Lowers Harvest // 3:20”

  1. yep says:

    nice filming sean.

  2. Yowz says:

    oliver kurtz is gay

  3. Yowz says:

    oliver kurtz is a fag

  4. jams says:

    yowz, identify yourself asshole.

  5. You R A Kook says:

    So many sponsorless, weekend warrior, summertime softcore, kook, wannabe, fags trying to act hard that surf at Trestles. YOU SUCK KOOK!!!! GO HOME!!!!! DON’T COME HERE!!!!!!! YOU’RE NOT WELCOME!!!!!!!!!

  6. yeah guy says:

    @You R A Kook – are you excited for the Hurley Contest?

  7. Ice Ice Baby says:

    ha, half the clips r not at lowers! trestles yes, lowers no….shhhhh its a secret

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