Fathoms Left to Fall // Mullaghmore Head, Ireland // 5:23

posted by / Video / April 6, 2012

An epic short film of a mutant Irish left that I’ll comfortably enjoy from the safety and warmth of my desk chair

Cinematography to make you feel like you’re there — grab your life vest, your thickest suit and your balls to get in character

Described by Northcore Film as:

“The yin and yang of a trip. The highs and the lows. The epic rides and the epic falls. Surfing isn’t a easy game to get right, once in a lifetime 50 ft faces followed by a endless search for shelter. Tides reveal dry reefs, squalls break promises. Rain dampens enthusiasm, talk of hidden secrets abound but the wind in it’s infinite wisdom keeps them just that, secret. There’s no urgency yesterday’s euthoria still burns. Another trip another day. No fathoms left to fall.”


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  • albee

    these are legends

  • yeah guy

    @albee – Well said! One of the best edits put out in a long time!

  • JakeFOOS

    i dunno, would have liked to see a few of those barrels taken advantage of!

  • David O’Hara

    I was there that day, my Landie even made it into the final cut:-). It was an honor to watch those Heroes, each and every person in the water that day. Big up in particular to the Irish watermen in the water that day, in particular Ollie O’Flaherty (Go on the Fla), Finn Mullan (Certified Lunatic, awesome Athlete and all round Waterman) and Richie Fitzgerald. Richie, IMO, is doing more for Sligo/Leitrim/Donegal tourism than all our governments and agencies combined. This is the WEST OF IRELAND, until you, like Slater et all, have ticked the box, there is a stripe missing from your waterman patch. Visit Ireland, we will help you but do it and support Irish Surfing/SUP/Water. It is worth it for the Guinness alone!

  • kohl christensen

    wow, really enjoyed that…

  • Finners

    You either hate blackies in NB,ca
    Or you have and armadillo in the leg of your wet suit beside the grape fruits
    See you soon

  • mike

    Pretty sick I must say