Felipe Toledo // Rocky Rights // 0:39

posted by / Video / December 12, 2012

By Diego Santos

One move. One wave. Thirty nine seconds.

Just watch this.

Filipe Toledo

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  • Kyle


  • Shreddyhb

    Isaw that from the beach . Nuts!!!

  • monkey style

    too many disrespecting brazzos out this day. paddle battling everyone. Why can’t you ass clowns just be chill and share waves. sick air, and no claim, claim!

  • Stuey

    Air of the year?

  • Dave

    Holy Toledo.

  • Aloha

    Rocky de Janeiro these days…sick air, but it’s a pity respect and humility don’t seem to be part of their repertoire as well… Perhaps going to school and/or developing some analytical/critical thinking skills outside of surfing would help somewhat Hurlnike?

  • Bob

    Massive air, pity we can’t just comment on that and leave the generalising out.

  • Ben

    gnarliest one ive ever seen.

  • Harry

    Agree with you Bob, can’t believe any one who calls them self a surfer could watch this and then decide to make a dumb comment based on stupid racial stereotypes.

  • hola

    where is your Aloha?

  • duh

    rockies lefts and one person isn’t the group and the group isn’t one person no on owns the ocean hawaiians included

  • Pal falzon

    What a dego….siuck air tho!