Filipe Toledo And Italo Ferreira Just Went Crazy

The best two waves from the Final of the 2015 Rip Curl pro Portugal

The Final of the 2015 Rip Curl Pro Portugal had the backs of thousands of seats left vacant. It was a full on freakshow between two of the youngest fellas on tour, Filipe Toledo and Italo Ferriera. Fil went on to take the win, with the perfect ten you see above as well as a solid 7.83 in his scoreline. But it was Italo’s comeback effort with a Costco-sized backside rotation that had most of us screaming at our computers like crazy people. Watch the two waves and see for yourself what a proper Portuguese slugfest looks like.

Now that Toledo has a third event win under his belt, he’s in serious contention for the World Title going into Pipeline. For a full breakdown of the 2015 World title race, check here.