Filipe Toledo // Back To The ’90s // 2:40

posted by / Video / June 10, 2014

Filipe Toledo is one of the world’s premiere aerialists. Which is cool and all, but what’s really cool is how Filipe has his own style above the lip. His technique is unlike anyone else’s. It’s more wiry, faster. He always manages to get a ton of pop and lands almost everything full rotation. And then he does shit like what we see at 1:47. Wow.

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  • yeah guy

    Whoa… of all the songs from the 90s he goes with that one? Good surfing though.

  • Elliott

    his spirit animal is a bat, garrenteed

  • 805local

    Great surfing… Great song… But not together. I would expect to see spitting slabs listening to this, not airs.

  • ichorousmedia .

    the question on my mind, does he actually like this classic pantera song?

  • steve

    Dane does everything this guy does but better.

  • matt

    great seeing pantera in an edit finally, but it didnt fit well :/

  • The horror

    Dane seems bigger, thus making more of a statement but this can’t be dissed at all he aird a few on the same wave, real legit kerrupt flips corkscrew stuff

  • bigTRIM

    i’m sorry, was he bitching about the guy on the face at 0:15?

  • joe

    yup after he pumped across the entire wave