Filipe Toledo // Europe // 3:58

posted by / Video / February 4, 2014

It’s not too often we see clips of Filipe Toledo but every time we do, we’re astounded. This little werewolf surfs with so much energy. He’s always going the speed of light, always doing something. Can you image if he weighed 30 more pounds? The ocean would probably be terrified of him. Unfortunately, Filipe weighs the approximately same as an adult female labrador retriever. But at 18-years-old, there’s plenty of time for him to fill out. And in the meantime, let’s enjoy where he’s at. This kid is one of the best aviators on the face of earth — just press play for proof. And at 2:45, Filipe even lays a John John-esque carve. Watch your heels, John. There’s a werewolf nipping at them.

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  • bobo

    this f…ng vimeo videos suck… they never play completely and take forever to load… no matter which computer i try to watch them at…

  • Rozdef


  • Berty

    …agreed always struggle with Vimeo on my mac. Itsa dog

  • curious clam

    he was going huge! not barely pulling those airs but stomping. and for a brazo i dont think i saw many claims

  • Brad

    No where close to john john. cool vid though

  • Dave

    He’s the same level as john john, apart from the fact toledo is faster and boost’s just as high with often full rotation. (And JJF is better in the big stuff, tube riding and arcing carves). Why would this kid need to ‘fill out’, I think his surfing looks sick with those lightening fast hacks and springy airs would be a shame if he got too heavy to be that quick, biggest backside air reverse in the game!