Filipe Toledo’s Best Mistakes

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

When we decided to make a movie on Filipe Toledo, he was 17th in the world, 19 years old, and surrounded by both hype and uncertainty — hype for being one of the best aerialists in the world, but uncertainty about wether or not one of the best aerialists in the world could make a real impact on the WCT.

Then he won the season opener at the 2015 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. And suddenly, he was talked about as a serious World Title threat.

You’d think a kid in his position would hunker down and safety surf. Keep his eyes on that yellow jersey and his knees intact. But no.

Trip after trip, wave after wave, section after section, Filipe kept on hucking himself like a psychopath. He’s quoted in Spinning At The Speed Of Now saying, “I surf every wave like it could be my last.” Watch the edit above — with a cameo by Victor Bernardo — and you’ll believe him. Buy the movie and see the ones that he pulls.