Fisher Heverly // Costa Rica & San Clemente // 4:43

posted by / Video / June 20, 2012

Video: Jacob Vanderwork
Surfer: Fisher Heverly
Location: Costa Rica & San Clemente

Fisher unveils Costa Rican riches composed of gritty sand and salted water

Heverly chooses to be immersed in his treasure

fisher heaverly

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2 Responses to “Fisher Heverly // Costa Rica & San Clemente // 4:43”

  1. G-MAN says:

    Grew up w/ fisher on a small island w/ crappy surf! Great to see someone from E.I. finally make it. Lotta talent in such a small area!!

  2. M.T says:

    G-MAN Costa Rica is not a Island !!!!!!
    Buy a map !!!

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