Fisher Heverly // Lower Trestles // 2:26

posted by / Video / August 15, 2013

Summertime in California means many things to an East Coaster. It means an escape from that barbaric humidity. It means getting your face in front of the sponsors who pay your bills. And it means Lowers. On Fisher’s California outing, he found a little bit of all three. He left the Pacific having dry armpits, a new deal with Super Surfboards and Apparel and, of course, this charming clip. He liens out of the frame at 0:34! And that closing stalefish at 2:10 is something else.

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  • JP

    Refreshing to see a clip with great surfing that isn’t sped up to almost 2x speed. Nice work Fisher, keep ripping.

  • ItsOnlyAParkingLotWang

    Solid! Doin’ the Heavs clan, SNC and the Right Coast Proud!!

  • Yowz

    So good

  • Jesse Sinclair

    A tragic casuality of recent industry budget cuts. Stoked someone stepped up to the plate to give him support. Fisher is the real deal. Style, power, and all the tricks in the book. A class act for up and coming groms, his peers, and old school rippers to look up to. Bright future in my opinion!

  • j

    damn he’s good

  • tealergang