Fisher Heverly // North Carolina // 3:37

posted by / Video / March 8, 2013

Video: Jacob Vanderwork

Fish finds.

Brown barrels never looked so good

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  • Miki Dora

    is he still on QS team?

  • Kooky

    Not with quik. Some one sponsor this kid, he’s killing it.

  • RiggaBoy

    YEWWWW to Fisher!! Who is this tune by ? Thanks.

  • teddynav

    Fisher rips !!!

  • A.M.

    Very impressive. Shame on you Quiksilver!

  • Yowz

    Best surfer on east coast. Great barrel rider and incredible tech small wave rider. His make ratio per air is insane. Going under some sponsor changes. New board sponsor/clothing, new shop sponsor (south end surf shop)