Fishtales News Episode 5: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach // 2:36

posted by / Video / April 16, 2013

Paul Fisher breaks down the Brazilian escapade at Bells

Blame it on the berry.

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  • 22nd Street

    HAHAHA once again… Fucken brilliant! He is right, if Kelly loses, everyone else loses..! Keep up the good work fish we love ya


    dude you should make like a 2 min vid just with your laugh. Would be fucken all time hahah

  • michael

    Funny! bring the Fish after every WCT event.

  • Derek Peters

    that was pure gold!

  • Brooke

    Haha fuck yes! Funny wrap up, more to come hopefully

    Cheers from Germany

  • Coa13

    I piss my pants nonstop at this cunt haha glad SurfM supports him yeew!

  • Sydney

    HAHA YES!!! <3 u Fish so funny