Fishtales News Episode 1: Matt Wilkinson // 6:01

posted by / Video / November 5, 2012

People want to know… what kind of chicks Wilko attracts?

Paul Fisher asks the difficult questions

Fish News

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  • James

    It’s so sad that surfing has come to this

  • Unsubscriber

    Why Surfing Magazine, why?

  • allrailnotail

    this is garbage! i wish i could have that 6 mins of my life back!

  • Hutch

    I dont know what you guys mean. I think that was hilarious!! Keep it up Fish – we want more yeew!!

  • ruddy

    hahahahaha! i fucking love it!

  • wyatt

    SO CLASSIC!!!!!!! They cross-dress and kind of act like homosexuals do!

    Question: Does anyone know where Fish studied comedy cause I have some extra money and would like to be this funny at some point. I know some of this is God-given talent(only viable explanation), but considering the level of humor, I can only imagine that was augmented with a measure of study. I don’t anticipate being able to churn out Fish-level humor in the near future (or ever!), but I would like to at least advance to the point where I can drop a few “dress-like-a-woman” and/or “that’s pretty epic!” style clips and develop a small following (while decimating what tiny modicum of integrity our sport has left). Also, maybe at some point I could dishonor the hardworking people of a given nation by mocking their work ethic (‘memba that? CLASSIC!) Thanks for any tips/leads.

  • wilko fan

    lighten up and head over to losers

  • Mik

    any episode of the Fishman is bigger than Gangnam style…



    more, please…

  • TJP

    Fisher is the funniest c*nt on earth!!! Congrats to your own TV show mate! Thanks Surfing Magazine for supporting this guy

  • Nick

    Haha best one yet! Way to go Fish, never stop doin what ya doing!

  • industry demise

    This is low life stuff. It’s not funny; it’s pathetic. Is this what surfing is becoming? I would go so far as to say that it is this very kind of stuff that is plummetting the surf industry into demise. Don’t blame it on the economy blame yourselves. I beleive the rest of the world is looking at the surfing community in disgust as to the direction it is moving. Don’t forget, it is for the most part, parents’ money that is buying most of the board shorts, t-shirts, etc….the lot of it for their kids. I think they are looking at what we represent and are turning away from it and pushing their kids in new directions away from the surfing lifestyle. As well, I think kids looking at what surfing is becoming don’t think it is cool or funny and have a hard time finding real heroes to look up to….the kids are over it too….because of this kind of crap that is being spread around on our faces stinking up our perspective and blinding our eyes to the real reason half the surf industry is on the brink.

  • uluone2

    Best combo, epic

  • Jason

    Those sunnies are sick Wilko…who makes them, what are they, how can I get a pair?

  • baffled

    Really? This is Surfing Magazine? Way off the rails guys. Way off the rails. Canceling our subscription. And won’t be returning to the site.
    Surfing is a beautiful sacred sport and lifestyle.
    This is empty meaningless trash and pollution to the soul. Why why why would you put this on the homepage, or any page, of the Surfing website?
    Sweep it out with the garbage and send it to the incinerator where it belongs and bring back some real surfing and real surfing lifestyle.

  • bye

    bye bye Surfing. This is really pitiful and worthless and so not what the world needs

  • Kelly

    Lookin flyyyyy in those sunnies Wilko! What are they??

  • Bitches

    Bitches? Surfing Magazine. Paragon of anti discrimination, love, tolerance and positive energy towards all.

  • andreew maddog

    yeewww this is fucking rad ! fish and wilko are legends and you cunts that dont like this comedy should wake up.

  • sensitive hater

    Hating on this video?! really, come on, probably conservative americans that aren’t used to dry humor…stop being so sensitive. the rest of the world doesn’t care…

    Fish is funny as hell

  • jimmy

    professional….dick heads

  • R&R

    haters gonna hate… If you dont like it, dont watch it! From now on I will click your website more often because of this vid. I think its funny as hell!!
    Keep up the good work Fish! You were the first one to have a blog which isnt all about surfing! Cant wait for the next episode – and thx to Reef and Surfing Magazine for supporting this guy!

  • yep

    @industry demise. I bet you home-school your kids too. Kook.

  • James B

    Is waaay better to be a proud brazilian surfer than be a surfer girl like this guys are in America and Australia nowadays…

  • punchy

    I think it’s worthy of consideration for an industry deeply concerned with the effects of pollution and waste on the environment …. to also ponder the effects of pollution and waste to the human soul. To me this video is similar to walking onto a beach and seeing trash and refuse littering the sand and floating in the ocean. There is something to loss of the sacred that leaves the world and the human soul a much sadder and darker place.

    Using the term bitches in reference to women is actually evidence of regression not progress. And it doesn’t make the world, or the surf industry, a better place.

  • GioGio12

    Jesus… Fish is doing what he does best: Asking some questions which are a little bit different than the usual ones after the contest!
    BTW: In this vid its all about fun – and clearly they have heaps! So as someone who comes from Germany its refreshing to see some funny vids when most of the other blogs and websites are all about serious surfing.

    Thanks to all his sponsors he will continue to produce even more funny shit!

    Keep it up brother! Greetings from Munich, Germany

  • wyatt

    @ R&R – I agree with your assertion that “haters gonna hate.” I’m also pretty sure “painters gonna paint” and “tennis players gonna play tennis.” They are called “haters.” They “hate”

    Anyway, don’t let’s credit this upper lip-less wonder with the demise of anything. He’s just a self-impressed, cackling boob responsible for some spectacularly unfunny web videos. But as TJP suggests, he deserves major congrats for landing his own “TV show” (?????) – and joining such celebrated company as Cote’s Cube and some other things that aren’t TV shows.

    This video has however succeeded in scaring me to death…chiefly cause it’s labeled “Episode 1.”

  • Nick

    Wyatt you sound so smart but we all know you eat penis

  • Wyatt

    You got me there Nick. I have to admit, I eat penis.

    But even WITH a dick in my mouth, I am positive that Paul Fisher is substantially less funny than 3rd world colonoscopy.

  • kook

    That shit was hilarious

  • Archy

    First off, Wyatt gargles jizz daily. This video isn’t meant to be serious just like surfing shouldn’t be taken so seriously. It’s all about fun you suits. You are the reason that the surf industry is in the dumps. And fuck most of the surf industry anyways. Money hungry d-bags who want to appeal to some fags named Wyatt who probably live in Ohio. Keep it fun, funny, and fucking party. Stay loud Fish! When theres no waves and I am dying at my deskjob you put a smile on my face.

  • RFID

    @Archy: Word!! Fish is the man! Fishtales Baby

  • Wyatt

    Dammit! I guess I’ve been exposed. It’s true I’m a “suit” and a “fag” and yes, I Iive in Ohio, though, sadly, I don’t “gargle jizz daily” (once a week is about the best I can do at this point…too busy doing suit stuff).

    You guys, I can’t stomach the burns anymore. It’s too much for me! Guess I’ll just have to quit posting :-(

  • Wait Wyatt?

    @ Wyatt: Wake the fuck up its 2012.. Its comedy you stupid fuck! If you dont like its alright but get off your moms computer and stop writing about stuff you obviously dont get.

    Fish is a legend – keep rolling!

  • bert

    “what kind of chicks Wilko attracts”…
    Chicks…Wilkinson…mmmmhhh…Sad to see this, Wilkinson shouldn’t play such a game, the guy is always the loser at the end…

  • Dave Mailman

    For some more half cocked action from our fun loving mate, Matty Wilko check this interview I did with him this year in France!

  • Johny Smith

    Matt looks sick in Black Kock tale dress.. LoL Love the show why did I not start watching this great video blog sooner!!I needed to check out Wilko’s his artistic abilities better over and over during that autograph session,but still the same result hmm. Just a stinky mess. I always the he would make a good tattoo artist. Maybe not. Fish you rock and never stop. Cheers from Santa Cruz let me buy you a pint @ Budweiser row.