Florida’s Finest // Fall Back East // 5:19

posted by / Video / December 4, 2013

Here’s a montage of autumn from the East. It’s largely a collection of brotherly love with Nils and Noah Schweizer, Cory and Shea Lopez and Evan and Eric Geiselman throwing mallets at New Smryna Beach. The sets of siblings tag-teamed the East Coast Lowers and delightfully so. Tail chucks, rail turns and the occasional barrel were enjoyed by all. The clip closes with a Cory Lopez session in the Outer Banks and cameo by Brett Barley. And now, it’s winter in the not so far East.

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  • its never ok

    first wave show what a selfish surfer you must be. Desperate? Had not got any good waves lately? That guy was deeper than you and would have made the wave if you were not such a selfish kook.

  • Sam

    Yeah that dolphin dropping in on the other dolphin was so bitchy

  • buranimal

    It really sucks when waves don’t get wasted by some kook … I really hate seeing people actually make it out of the barrel ..

  • its ok

    1:05 if that was your GF hahahha. if you were not looking at the wave I don’t blame you. she has a great ass

  • Bobby

    Those waves suck that’s not surfing.. They look like a bunch of little farts hopping around in a Frying pan…. You need to learn how to surf first then go catch a real wave then take a picture of that…. Don’t waste anybody’s time with this crap..

  • Sean

    Bobby aka Randy…..you are a serious kook. These guys rip harder than you ever will. That’s why you use aliases. Talking smack online is not something true pros due. Beat it kook