Floridian Downtime with Warren Smith and Sterling Spencer

posted by / Video / October 4, 2010

Floridian pros Sterling and Warren. And a pig. We expect only positive comments for this post.

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  • biggs

    fuck sterling and innerlight….wolves in sheeps clothing

  • Ruddy

    just when i thought you couldn’t possible be any dumber – you and do something like this…. AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOUR SELF!

  • .

    two guys putting lipstick on eachother seems really cool

  • Wow

    What a waste of brain cells watching that clip. Why would they even send this to surfing magazine. Wow, lame.

  • Harrow

    That was fucking awesome! Na na na nahhh


    sterling is like “the guy”

  • Farve

    Master P……legit

  • durka

    wolves in sheeps clothing huh?


    FLORES is still gonna kick your a$$, he doesnt care your gay or not

  • Carol

    after reading the posts, there was no reason to watch these two Gulf Coast wanna-be-pro-loosers.

  • Farve

    But he would care if he was a kid. sterling kinda looks like a little kid therefore Jeremy must hate him, but I’d take sterlings sheer weirdness over jeremy’s hatred for kids in a game of fisticuffs.

  • P. Pablo

    Im from florida and I swear we arent into all that gay shit that was just in this clip! Aint even much funny play boi!

  • ray

    can’t wait till we don’t see sterling anymore…
    i respect his surfing ability, but beyond that he is a social idiot = you can tell he’s been sort of sheltered from normal life – never held a real job,where normal maturing, and maybe a humble work ethic…would be formed.

    but we know him for his “human boardslide”…his “gulf moment” where he was bringing attention to his brand new boardshorts or babysitting kids in mexico…for a weekend.

    the guy should just surf already. his humor isn’t really funny, its kinda pathetic seeing someone his age tooling around like a 8 year old…. please stop embarrassing your self and just surf.

  • thomas ob

    shameless self promomtion

  • anom

    Too bad Sterling is the ultimate douche. Get over yourself dude, youre not half as cool as you think you are.

  • Andrew

    that was down right confusing.

  • Rich G

    You can put lipstick on a pig but……………..

  • Lynque

    The song was legit! :)

  • johanneson

    these dudes look really old. they gotta be at least in their 30’s

  • grandpa rizzle

    i understand that Sterling realizes he needs to do something to attract attention since his surfing is nowhere near on par with the leaders of his generation.
    And i understand warren smith is a wannabee Ozzie Wrong who basically sucks in anything other than a waist high left with wind blowing into it, but honestly even for you guys this is unbelievably retarded. Stick to surfing and shame on the Mag for putting this garbage up on their site.

  • grandpa rizzle

    not to mention its creepy as shit…..

  • deuces

    the thought two guys could get together and produce this… lots of time and vaseline on your hands…

  • Jon

    if you can’t find humor in things like that….too bad for

  • Rick Wright

    To all you pricks hating on these guys just because your dicks so small that you piss on your balls, i’ve got one thing to say, I grew up with Warren on the gulf coast of florida, and he is far from gay, every time i see him he is with a different hot chick, so fuck off. He gets more pussy in a week than you’ll ever see, also he fucking rips and can get more air than most pro surfers out there today. Jealousy is a disease so get well soon bitches

  • Alex Hossellman

    I think a lot of people who keeping saying Sterls is lame need to remember to do something. Learn de rulez

  • derek

    Sterling is the shitt!!!!!! fuck kelly…. sterlings the world champ in my book

  • chris eaves

    weird. this shit wouldn’t fly in jersey have self respect losers no surfing why post this. sterling thinks he is half horse now this? surfing has sold its soul

  • kobio

    Yeah, those shots of Sterling in huge Chopes were awesome.