Follow the Fish: 24 Hours with Yadin Nicol

posted by / Video / January 27, 2011

Yades leads Paul Fisher around his adopted home in Santa Barbara — then into his closet for a canine Project Runway. Ain’t that some shit? But hey, when you make Hurley money — and when you loft frontside grabs as big as the one Yades stomps at the very end of this clip — you can put wacky outfits on your one-third of a dog too.


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  • sd, cali

    woah fisher can actually surf well. id reckon he is way better than some wt guys, such as roy powers

  • Slasher

    Fisher is OK. I can’t really take his surfing seriously. Really awkward style and his timing is really off. His goofy ass style really reflects his goofy ass persona.

  • p ruddy

    can’t see the video… my computer is f#cked

  • rgc

    agree with GNR guitarist above. Turns just goofy and ackward. funny vid though–

  • Jimmicane

    Fish actually surfs pretty fuckin good. Check this vid out Might surprise some people but he rips. Just is known more for being a funny c*nt

  • Patrick

    Slasher….really? Slasher……that’s up there in top 10 worst names…but I’m sure you’re surfing makes up for it.