Frederico “Kikas” Morais // Lisbon, Portugal // 2:39

posted by / Video / January 12, 2012

frederico morais

We’re not exactly sure who this kid is, but he does a great job laying his board on rail.

Another Tiago Pires in training?

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  • Alan Harris


  • Joao

    Look at this… May be the new AI.

  • José Can

    Portugal still has good surfing, however the crisis is blocking many talented kids. Kikas and Vasco give us some hope in the future of portuguese surfing.

  • Brian

    Next great surfer for sure… Style similar to Andy Iron!!!!

  • P Morais

    4th ranking ASP Projunior 2011
    12th ranking ASP WJC

  • Sebas

    Kikas has portugal’s future in his shoulders and all the portuguese support behind him! Great guy and an excellent surfer! Go kikas!

  • why?

    got a mean carve and rips, but his style is nothing like AI’s. Not the slightest bit. If anybody surfs with a similar style to AI it is Alex Smith.

  • M alves

    very good surferr

  • Tarik

    Well… the kid rips… but compare to AI… sorry… too soon for that…

  • Pedro Ludovice

    One of the best surfers of his generation, in the world! Memorize his name, you wont regret it. Go kikas, you have a reserved spot in the WT.