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posted by / Video / December 22, 2010



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Featuring Chippa Wilson by Riley Blakeway. An Analog Moving Picture.

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  • Paul

    Cool movie. Cool music. Thanks for the free download. Makes me wanna get a weird haircut, spray paint my surfboard, wear a t-shirt every time I surf, and just jump over something. And Trits drum, Trits are fantastic!

  • michael

    UAU! thank youuuu surfing, analog, santa everybody!!

  • Benji

    Holy Modern Collective wannabe. Well, can’t complain about free.

  • crack

    This is a good movie to watch before you paddle out on an average-poor day of beachbreaks. Not that theres anything wrong with that

  • jeremy

    does he do anything besides frontside indy three’s on small junk waves.good at them but do them in some real waves.

  • GJ


  • mike

    boring one dimensional surfing…he can crack the 360’s
    perfectly, but there was no substance…waste of my time

  • oboy

    I guess that is why they are giving it away for

  • dgb

    Good music, good photography etc but an average of one move
    a wave with the prerequisite squat in/squat out for a whole 30
    minutes? Imagine if you had paid for this!

  • Jon

    I enjoyed that! Thanks!

  • Tyler

    Yeah, thanx verrrrrrrrrrry much. Analog i Love U

  • ivan nicolas

    watch the whole movie, you’ll see that he’s able to do any trick, and more over he’s creating the future of the aerial, did you see the front rodeo atttempt, watcht it, and shut up, that’s pure creation

  • Facu

    Big screen and free, lot amazing, good work.

  • Cory

    lol. all the fucking trolls on here talking shit like they can surf or skate half as good as chippa. go ahead and tell everyone on here when your surfing movie comes out. hahaha`

  • manny

    thankz a lot

  • peter

    am me