Gabriel Medina // Hawaii // 2:03

posted by / Video / August 29, 2014

Need a reminder that Gabriel Medina is more than just a Teahupo’o barrel hound? Probably not, but here’s one anyway! 123 seconds of the current World #1 massacring the North Shore. Speak of his rating, is there any way that Gabriel loses the 2014 World Title? Look at the final four venues this year: Lowers, France, Portugal and Pipe. He thrives at each and every one of them of them. The only thing working against him is this bomb Kelly Slater dropped on Instagram yesterday.

“On stage at the awards ceremony…Congrats are in order for @gabrielmedina and his performance this week. There are more conversations happening about this guy than anyone and for good reason. He’s the most dangerous guy in the world of surfing. Why? Just this year he won at Snapper, a wave dominated by regular footers for over 10 years. He won in fiji, one of the classic waves on tour. And now he wins the #BillabongProTahiti in giant surf, an event that he wasn’t considered to be a main threat by many people. That’s exactly why Medina has become so dangerous…he can and does win in waves/conditions where he doesn’t even have a lot of experience at yet and people don’t know what to expect. He’s more determined and hungry for the win than any other surfer. He’s complete, combining airs, barrel riding, and carving. He can shoot whole video parts in single sessions. He has passed every test thrown his way. Even though I’m gonna do everything in my power to stop this guy this year, I’m a big fan of his surfing and he’s a really good guy. The biggest obstacles he will face in his career will be staying motivated long-term and dealing with a fanatical, Brasilian fan base (#BrasilianSwarm?) that is resting the hopes of a country on his shoulders. I’m sure he’ll accept and handle that challenge like every other one thrown his way so far. Congratulations for your #Teahupoo win and hold on for a huge career ahead. #ThisGuyShreds #HisFansWannaKillMe #TeahupooDiary2014 @asp @gopro”

Props? Mind games? Both?

Lowers starts September 9th.

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  • Vladamir Putin

    Here’s to hoping that Kelly smokes him in the final leg. I’ll drink to that

  • Soul Surfer

    Sorry dearest Vladamir Putin, Brazilian Storm is here to stay!!! Swallow that!!!

  • Marcus Vinicius Trummer Aleixo

    I find it hard to take someone his title, maybe Kelly Slater can, but will have to sweat a lot!

  • Marcio Santos

    very nice video! the kid is ready to be world champ. finally we´ll have a really NEW champ. the surfing world has had enough of kelly, mick and parko, at least for now! it´s medina´s turn!!

  • Oz

    Talk is cheap lets see what happens on the north shore ( Kelly, Micky & parko , will smoke him ) choke time for medina

  • Dimas

    No way, he will get to the north shore as champion already… Thats his plan, and he seems to be dealing very well with it…

  • Ernest

    hahaha you guys must learn surf first!

  • Anie

    Between titles and world champs you forget about the essence of surfing… the surfing world it’s not about winners or losers, it’s about brotherhood and taking care the ocean resources. Don’t forget they surf as part of a Job, that is how they make their living, winning or losing its the same, they will have sponsors no matter what… the difference its that one have more than the other, so dont stress if medina take slater’s place, or slater smokes medina, both are great surfers, Surfing is an art, and at the event, judges just decide who did the most beautiful painting wave after wave.

  • PC

    Medina is more than a surfer he has the God in his heart , he is just stepping to be one of the best surfer in the planet . Does not matter where he come from but he has to give us like Kelly and others to do a niice show .Viva o SURF

  • Mik

    What a cool statement. Kelly is such an extraordinary athlete/human. I’m rooting for Kelly because he was clearly the best surfer at Teahupoo, but I am also stoked to see Gabriel lifting the Brazilian flag higher and higher — even though this is really about individual performance.

  • BrazilianStormBJJ

    He will smoke all the ozzys and yankees at the north shore just like we do with in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: we kill you all ! Just bring it on, you will bow in front of the kid at Pipeline, bitches…

  • anchietasilva

    show, o cara é fera…

  • Valmor Cegala Jr

    Congrats to Medina and after the dirty past when ASP judges discrimanted the brazilians surfers, now we can really dream with a world title… long time deserved.. and congrats to Kelly for his modesty and GO MEDINA and GO BRAZIL

  • MDA

    How about this just an honest assessment..

  • Mik

    What a stupid post.

  • Boomer Pjs

    Medina world champ. Should be right up there w 2014 World Cup Brazil won on home turf!! Oh wait…better not choke again brazzos!!

  • jim

    brazil will never dominate like USA FUCKIN NEVER swallow that all of braziian peoplel!!!

  • Pamelachu

    The storm has arrived to stay Fucking For Ever ! Eat that f’ing Jimmy the proud redneck who thinks USA dominates the surfing world , everybody knows that Australians are the power on surfing , with out Kelly USA doesn’t even get close to the Aussies .

  • willie

    legends of the roundtable video says it all no brazzos mentioned in this life dont cry just be ashamed swallow that!!!

  • Bernardo

    JJF is the next Dane Raynolds….ahahahahahah will never win a world title. Kelly is getting too old by now and….you guys will be out of top 5 for a long time. Medina now is your King for the next 20 years.

  • Vicente Fictício Cruz

    god is dead, haven’t you heard!?

  • Binho


  • Rodrigo de Novaes

    it s over bro, sorry, Medina won!!!

  • Rodrigo de Novaes

    very funny… we just dominates the most popular sport in the world, surf is just a tiny, very tiny detail…

  • Rodrigo de Novaes

    Congratulations Medina. And congratulation to Kelly and to all who made such a big finnal