Gabriel Medina // Hawaii // 4:06

posted by / Video / March 20, 2011

Video: Shorty (aka Andrew Buckley)


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  • Brazzo 4 Life

    Yes Surfing! Finally some recognitions for Brazilian ripping in Hawaii. Raoni won Sunset comp. Barzilian crew going nut paddling huge Jaws. Now video of Gabriel Medina dominating North Shore sessions with style, power, and big airings. Soon world tour judges will recognize too and give Brazilians scores they deserve. Brazilian world champ coming soon. Writings on the wall boyz.

    Brazzo 4 Life

  • clambacon

    that kid could be a world champ

    -White guy

  • john

    Anybody else sick of those giant VOLCOM JEANS stickers that are plastered along the 101 ??

  • Anti

    Can any of these overhyped kids these days do a REAL turn? Someone give this kid some vaseline so he can rub them on the rails of his surfboard. They must be dry & cracking from the lack of time they spend in the water. This dude’s turns are WEAK & FLICKY…

  • surferkid111

    Super good surfing, the waves he was surfing where more for airs, I would rather see him nail one of those huge air reverses at the end then do a turn.

  • sway

    same turn over and over again, boring

  • Benji


  • Whaa

    this kid is NUTS. I got to surf with him in some ISA and random ProJr’s and he was ALWAYS the standout in every session/heat for can really see how technical he is in this video. the power will come as he gets bigger/more mature i think. look at how small he is! hes going to be world champ without a doubt, and i wouldn’t be more stoked to see it.

  • Tom Pierce

    If any of you could do any of these turns at 16, you’d be freaking. At 16, most of us were hoping to do a proper roundhouse and get a good hit off the whitewater. So give the kid a little credit. Looks like maybe his backhand could use a little work, but again, he’s only 16…

  • Merle

    He’s in Hawaii and it doesn’t show him surfing one wave over two feet! Typical another brazzo air guy pussy! Move on nobody cares !

  • RTM

    You guys are just jealous because he’s not American, Australian or from Hawaii, … Know how we call this in Brazil? Fear.
    I think this is the feeling of you in relation to any Brazilian surfer that starts to get big results.
    Gabriel is only the tip of the iceberg of great brazilian surfers that start to win everything and represent our surfing culture and style.
    Ask your buddies to release some bombs to him at Pipeline, … You’ll see him break everything!
    Or even better, ask to the ASP judges to keep holding our surfers,…Over and over again,…Like they did with Alejo and Adriano at Gold Coast.
    Jordy, Owen, Jeremy, Kalohe, Jabour (Hawaii+Brazil), Gentil (Hawaii+Brazil),…
    Our surfers deserve respect, just like them.
    Let´s see who will laugh in the end.
    Respect is good, and preserves your teeth Mr. Merlinha Chupetão!

  • Alex

    Check his victory at Praia da Vila, Imbituba Brazil, yesterday. 6 foot, solid and the guy went off. Tom Whitaker could not do much against him at the finals.

  • Jozef

    Yas Gabriel I like Share <3

  • David

    This kid will be world champion. it is a phenomenon.

  • Jorge Jojó

    Hi, guys! I think there are a lot of diferent feelings about brazilians surfers performances, as i can see in comments. I would like to see more respect about our young surfers from this generation. It dosen´t matter if you are aussie, americans, hawaiians or anothers, this is time to give support all this generation in surf, in life and professionals cares. Medina and his great mother has show a true respect to the surf, also they love the surf and respect anothers in ASP. This is it. Maximum respect to new generation surfers, because they deserve it.
    (sorry for my bad english language)

    Jorge Jojó
    From Rio de Janeiro city,

  • 805

    kid rips you guys hate cause you talk like you can surf but really you’re a kook,cant even do a good turn or charge getting moped.

  • monteiro

    gostei goroto do loopim inverso faça agora no torneio ou no parafuso no tunel vc faz kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk