Gabriel Medina // Huntington Beach // 3:25

posted by / Video / August 16, 2012

Video: David Lee Scales

David on Gabriel:

Gabe surfed every single morning for 2 hours before the US Open. He’d freesurf midday, and then he’d wax his 30 minute heat. He, undoubtedly, has natural ability but he also has a tremendous work ethic. Ironically, he attributed his stamina to diet of “a lot of milk and tortilla”. As Gabe develops more competitive savvy and perhaps a level of fitness akin to Slater or Fanning, he’ll likely find a new gear. Gabe will not only raise the talent level of professional surfing, but also the dedication level. Bravo, Gabriel! Can’t wait.

Gabriel Medina

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  • ooops

    so sick of this kid. ugly style, flicky airs, no power, but stick out, back too straight, left arm held above his head.

  • Peters

    Ooops..your argument just made you look a kook/hater after watching this clip…
    This kid is the real deal!!!….plenty of flow and style!! have you ever seen someone generate speed like him??…This kid is taking the top to bottom to another level…it’s bottom to air roght now!!!…he doesn’t waste any section of the wave to make it to the air..awesome!!

  • greasymeatloaf

    pupo is waaayy steezier. i agree with ooops. let’s see some variety… as in turns — not just different grabs.

  • yep

    David. Your video of Dane at the Open is a disaster. I’ve never seen a filmer so confused with panning, or basic camera work in general. And the shots of Dane’s girl are disrespectful. Full-blown amateur hour in HB…

  • jjaun

    hollyy shiitt futuree surfinggggg

  • SOcally

    Is their a bigger bunch of DOUCHEBAGS than SoCal Lifegaurds?\

    keep up the great work or maybe find AN ADULTS JOB like a firemen/policemen.

    EVEN MITCH BUCHANNON FINALLY became a private investigator.